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a stone bowl sitting on top of a table next to some rocks and a candle
Mach Bowl, Nature in Various Sizes - Large
a wooden sculpture sitting on top of a white table
Paul S. Briggs Spiked Corolla Form No. 6
three green bowls sitting on top of a wooden table
Handmade Porcelain Mini Bowl Sauce Dish Green Stoneware Dinnerware Pinch Bowl Spice Dish Small Serving Bowl Condiment Bowl Dish Pottery
three red apples in a black bowl on a white counter top, with the rest of the bowl visible
A ceramic tray makes a great serving plate or catch-all around the house. We love this as a count… | Platos de cerámica, Artesanías de cerámica, Cuencos de ceramica
a woman holding a large white bowl in her hands
Rustic White Ceramic Serving Bowl, Ceramic Baking Bowl 26 X 7 Cm - Etsy Canada
several different sized and shaped objects on the floor
The Best Launches, Exhibitions, and Installations at Milan Design Week