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the logo for digital world wide is shown in black and grey colors on a gray background
Digital Worldwide ®
the new york museum of glass logo is shown in white letters on a black background
Dark Side of Typography
the word alvaka written in black on a white background
Jaimakhija: I will do modern minimalist feminine logo design for $30 on fiverr.com
Get your Original SIGNATURE /FEMININE /HAND-DRAWN LOGO now. Choose from different PACKAGES. Awaiting to hear from you :) NOTE: THIS LOGO IS NOT FOR SALE, This is just to depict the kind of work we do and offer. Thank you
the back in robbins logo is shown with different colors and shapes on it
Baskin Robbins Logo Re-design concept
the logos for different brands are shown in various colors and shapes, including blue, red, green, yellow, orange
Coop Supermercato del Futuro
eight different types of clocks are shown in black and white
Portfolio | Identity | Interior Design International
a black and white poster with lines in the shape of a circle on top of it
Are you looking for a Special Minimalist logo to elevate your brand ? Look No further!
a white circular object flying in the sky
an assortment of different colored papers on a white surface with the words, and images above them
the pixel font and numbers are all different colors, but there is no image to describe
POM POM on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery
four different types of lines and numbers on a white background with blue, green, red, and black
an old school computer game font with different types of letters, numbers and symbols on it
Mosaicoon – Identity
Mosaiccon is a company which is managing the entire process of creating online video content, from concept to production, from distribution to tracking its performance. It is a platform which allows creatives, video makers and publishers to work together …