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Child Knitting Patterns Child Knitting Patterns Baby Knitting Patterns Supply : Baby Knitting Patterns by paulahaemmerlin

Ingwer ist gesund und vielfältig einsetzbar. Statt aber immer wieder neue Knollen teuer zu kaufen, kannst du sie auch leicht selber anbauen und versorgen.

Superknolle Ingwer: Nicht kaufen, sondern ganz einfach selbst vermehren

Knitulator sucht #Zopfmuster: #Lochmuster #Lacemuster #stricken #Strickapp www.knitulator.com

Charted cable and lace knitting pattern from a Russian site, but it looks fairly straightforward, and is very pretty

Cardboard packaging for gift tutorial and pattern / Мастерим картонную упаковку для подарка

Crochet Bohemian Square Poncho Chart - Crochet Women Capes & Poncho Patterns

Neat granny square poncho looking idea. or maybe mini-cape since it has that hat. Is similar to something I saved a while back yet really different. Its colors and that fringe gives it a mix of hippie and Native American feel.


I might be feeling more confident lately. This just moved in the can-do/must-try pile with those spiral grannies.