Affen Muffins

Easy monkey cupcakes: regular and mini Nilla Wafers + ready-made icing eyes + brown/black tube of icing . (Most people see a monkey but I see a Mickey mouse smiley face with eye ball head band) ;

funny food - lustiges essen für gross und klein creativ zubereitet

Make FUNtastic Party Sandwiches for Big & Little Kids

elephant snack idea: inspired by book: stand back elephant, I'm going to sneeze. snack supplies: bread face & ears, ham on ears, bell pepper for trunk/nose, slice in half one green grape & two raisins on the grapes for eyes.

Sausage serpent

INGREDIENTS 1 can Pillsbury® Refrigerated Breadsticks 6 hot dogs with cheese 12 dried currants teaspoon sharp Cheddar cold pack cheese food (from container) Tiny squares of American cheese Tiny strips of red bell pepper