Mélimélo: Dirndl Tutorial

COSTUME: the German Dirndl, the real deal. you need to translate this, or learn the language- it's not in English:) Mélimélo: Dirndl Teil 1

Wohin mit der Schleife beim Dirndl? Die Position sagt einiges über die Trägerin aus...!

Dirndlschürze - wohin mit der Schleife

Where to tie the bow of your dirndl apron - from left to right: Single, taken, undecided, widowed. Although there's also a version where a bow tied in the middle front means virgin.

Lola Paltinger | Dirndl

Amazing red Dirndl, perfectly combined with black blouse, see through apron. by Lola Paltinger

Lola Paltinger Dirndl, opulent bestickt mit Glitzerschürze, rosa Schürzenband

Out-of-the-ordinary collections by Lola Paltinger: Bespoke dirndl and fashionable traditional German costume from the atelier, cheerful dirndl collections, urban leisure wear and accessories.

Dirndl Sihlsee mit seiden Mieder in Nachtblau/Camel, bei Trachten Angermaier online kaufen

Dirndl Sihl buy with silk bodice in Night Blue / Camel in costumes Angermaier online

Tutorial Dirndl nähen

Tutorial Dirndl nähen, details on the ruffle trim that all the expensive dirndls have.

Dirndl Couture / Wirkes / Astrid Soll

~ Living a Beautiful Life ~ Dirndl Couture by Astrid Söll - Beere/creme