diese Zeichnung ist einfach unglaublich *__* Inspiriert mich etwas zu schreiben

Probably gonna adapt to a crazy villain of mine and make my version of this drawing. Loved the idea.

Pfff... D:

I love to sleep so if I'm nappung, quietly or carefully wake me up or move me. my worst nightmares happen often and I always desire to be held


My favourite type of characters smile şn the outside cry in the inside

Chiba x Hayami assassination classroom

Browse Chiba Ryunosuke Rinka Hayami Assassination Classroom collected by Hannah Maddox and make your own Anime album.

Snailed It #001: Hübscher Fremder

Fair Stranger - Camazing (Want more like this? This is from Snailogy, a webcomic on Webtoon written my Snailord.

Will we all understand ?!

Kawacy is a Japanese Artist Who Makes Fantastical Fanart and Comics - аниме фотки

Live your Dream

A Sad Story // save your heart, for someone who's worth dying for. - Mayday Parade - Save Your Heart

(Not my art) (Open RP, I'm her, be him? :3)  I was the only one who noticed he hid his pain behind a smile; the smile that many girl's fell in love with. Not me. I knew his secret. He pulled me into the classroom, his eyes dark. "How did you find out?" He whispers. I smirk.

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Anime Zitat #24 *REUPLOAD*

The life is just a game and we're the farmers -Gasai Yuno I don't know if this is the original liryc buuuuuuut.

Schon gruselig '_'  #Mavischan

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Out of Gravity Poster von Lora Zombie bei AllPosters.de

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