Globe Pendant Necklace - One of a Kind - Unique Gift - Industrial Whimsy - Unique Bridesmaids Gift on Etsy, $25.00

Globe Pendant Necklace - One of a Kind - Christmas Gift - Industrial Whimsy - Unique World Travel

Stoff bedrucken - bunte Geschirrtücher, Taschen etc. - knoepfe

Stoff bedrucken - Anleitung und kreative Ideen

#DIY paper Boats

How to make paper boats. Great selections of cool paper boats of all colors and sizes.

last year of twenty something...: In My Dreams {Asian Inspired Dinner Party}

last year of twenty something.: In My Dreams {Asian Inspired Dinner Party} (Diy Paper)

I really like these:)

Idée et inspiration Bijoux : Image Description "Wear Nature," commands Colorado's Mr. Lentz, and who am I to disobey? Multidisciplinary artist Evan Lentz embeds his wooden rings with preserved moss, so they're safe for black thumbs, too.

Design Milk

A Redesigned, Minimalist Tape Dispenser Called ClickTape. Derk Reilink decided to redesign the traditional tape dispenser and create a minimalist one that was based on the dimensions of a single roll of Tape.