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Weak Pelvic Floor with Back pain? Gentle Pilates to strengthen Core Safely

This is a Gentle Core Pilates For Weak Tight Pelvic Floor Muscles Utilizing WallDo you want to learn from me and hold your hand to make sure you are doing yo...

Home based MFR managements for pelvic floor dysfunctions: Part IV

Self Myofascial release for chronic pelvic floor pains AJIMSHAW’s Approach part II SPECIFIC SESSIONS I. External Pelvic Release This ...

Pudendal Palooza! 2 Unique Pudendal Courses for Pelvic PTs! Orlando Locations.

Eventbrite - Pelvic Guru Academy and Sher Pelvic Health and Healing, LLC presents Pudendal Palooza! 2 Unique Pudendal Courses for Pelvic PTs! Orlando Locations. - Saturday, October 3, 2015 | Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at Orlando, FL: Herzing University (Course 1), Maitland Park - Main Building (Course 2), Winter Park, FL. Find event and ticket information.

How To Improve Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction | Natalie Hodson

I used to help record workout videos for a business I had years ago. One time, while recording a workout, I peed my pants. Not just a little, a LOT. It was on video, and it was in front of two of my friends. I laughed through it, but I was mortified. One of them was a man. I thought my female friends would understand why it happened, but would…Read More

Pelvic Floor Issues?

The best pelvic floor trainer and electronic kegel machine workout. Reduced urinary incontinence helps during menopause, strengthens the pelvic floor through automatic kegel exercise. Improves sexual intimacy in men and women, reduces pelvic pain and bladder weakness improves bladder & pelvic floor prolapse.

The Pelvic Floor Series: 1 - Foundational Concepts

The muscles in the pelvic floor are a functional group of many muscles that are truly the foundation of most of what we do as humans.

Rectocele Guide: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Rectocele - an easy to understand guide covering causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment and prevention plus additional in depth medical information.

Pessary insertion

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Pelvic Floor Perfect - 12 Weeks of Exercises that Work

Pelvic Floor Perfect gives you hope. No matter how many doctors, midwives or Poise commercials told you leaking is normal, it’s not, and you can fix it!

3 Simple Ways to Stop Peeing During Your Workouts - Get Healthy U

Are you afraid to sneeze or laugh for fear of letting out a little urine? You're not alone. Learn how to improve stress incontinence with 3 simple steps.

How to regain pelvic floor strength

Deluxe Kegel Weighted Exercise Balls - Pelvic Floor Tightening & Strengthen Bladder Control – Prevent Prolapse – Set of 6 for Beginners to Advanced with Free E-Book: Health & Personal Care

Why multitasking hurts your pelvic floor - Core Exercise Solutions

Why multitasking hurts your pelvic floor You’re a mom, so the thought of having enough private time to pee and then blow your nose after you’re done probably doesn’t happen too often. Plus, since you’re a master at multi-tasking, I bet you opt to blow your nose while peeing–saves on time and you only have … Why multitasking hurts your pelvic floor Read More »

Tips to Stop Vaginal Farting or Queefing - Core Exercise Solutions

Tips to Stop Vaginal Farting or Queefing If you have ever experienced vaginal flatulence or farting, you know it can turn anything into an embarrassing moment. Think about yoga, sex, getting up after an urogynaecological examination, or getting off the floor in an exercise class. Let’s take a closer look at what causes it and … Tips to Stop Vaginal Farting or Queefing Read More »

Want To Orgasm Harder? 9 Things You Need To Know About Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

No. 4: Pelvic floor muscles are not just about sex.

The Real “Low-Down” On Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Laser vaginal rejuvenation. You may have wondered about it. An OB/GYN who has focused on women’s health “down there” for decades shares the real deal about it.

Prolapse Thoughts - Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall

Prolapse Thoughts So there are basic no-no’s for prolapse when it comes to exercise but there is more to it than that. I’m getting the fun of feeling this first hand having just birthed my second (3 weeks ago)! I have a little bit of prolapse and I can make it better or worse depending … Prolapse Thoughts Read More »