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wildspit: “ HEEEEEEEYYYY GUUUYS How are you today ? Hope you need default eyes :P Ok, so let me explain this cc…. They are just Default eyes that I created with my all heart.

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I love this! It shows that we are resourceful and ambitious but not all Slytherins are evil!

Slytherin is the most misunderstood house just beacause voldemort was a slytherin in his day dosnt mean everyone in slytherin is evil.

Please I'm all caught up and we still don't know who A is-- we know A now, but we have to figure out who A. is next ugh

This part really is hilarious! Dan is perfect as Harry <3

I love Half Blood Prince for the humor, and the whole Felix Felicis part is my favorite by far. Also: All hands on deck, Granger and Good to see you, Wallenby. I'm watching the movie now!