Semolina bread recipe

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But you've got to be *very* patient.

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Semolina Sesame Artisan No-Knead Bread

Semolina Sesame Artisan Bread is definitely the favorite bread of my childhood, and possibly still my favorite bread of all. And, it's a No-Knead recipe.

Sicilian Sesame Seed Bread

My Sicilian Sesame Seed Bread made with doubled-milled durum wheat semolina flour is very special. The flour is golden in color and delicious. This strain of durum wheat from Italy is very differnet from the all-purpose white flour we know in the U.S. Semolina flour is also used for pasta. You can see the color difference...Read More

Semolina Bread

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A traditional Italian bread that has a great texture. It’s made with mostly semolina flour instead of standard bread flour.