diy project: renske’s minimalist tote bag

Minimalist Tote Bag Tutorial and Sewing Pattern An awesome self-closing utilitarian tote! A great craft, knitting, crochet, or cross-stitch carry-all to hold all

Learn how to make this pretty dandelion craft using a kitchen dish brush and paint! It's an easy art project for kids during summer or spring!

Dish Brush Dandelions Craft for Kids

Dish Brush Dandelions Craft for Kids - Fun for a summer art project! I would let the kids go on a big roll of paper to make a field of dandelions!

Murmelbahn selbst bauen

Sound marble run - we used a good finished pine 1 x 8 x 2 and they worked great - the nails make a nice tinkle with different size marbles - Summer Fun for kids at Grams Camp

Looking for a fun new arts and crafts project for your home or classroom? This canvas painting project using tissue paper is perfect for kids!

Canvas Painting Ideas for Kids Using Tissue Paper

Kids Craft: Tissue Painted Canvas or Watercolor paper. wet surface lay down tissue paper shapes let dry remove and enjoy

Mason Jar & Rustic Pallet Light Fixture DIY on

Are you ready for this so take you screw drivers and toolkit for making a diy pallet mason jar lights. First of you need wooden pallets for this project and


Art project and dart game! Fill colored balloons with paint and attach to canvas, use plastic darts.

O design de produto surge em nosso dia a dia, sem que a grande maioria das pessoas, não perceba que ele está ali, mas ele veio pra valer e muitas lojas só vendem produtos assinados, tamanha a impor…

25 belos e criativos projetos de design de produto, que você precisa conhecer

Soap Holder - Keeps the soap from getting soggy and melting because it's sitting in water - Decoration for House

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