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Gaia - Cosmic Art | Procreate Art | Digital Art | Digital Drawing | Mystical Art
For Earth Day, I have drawn my version of Gaia. Be a little more aware of Mother Earth and the beauty of our nature every day. You can find more mystical and cosmic art on my Instagram. ❣️
Moon Witch Colouring with Procreate | Procreate Art | Digital Art | Digital Drawing
Colouring is my big challenge that I am facing these days, weeks and months. I'm trying out lots of digital and analogue techniques, taking courses and finding my own style of art. It's an exciting and sometimes tough journey - but I love drawing! My moon witch for you. 💖 Follow me on Instagram for more magical art!
Moon Witch Lineart | Procreate Art | Digital Art | Digital Drawing | Procreate Timelapse
My spiritual art journey continues. I feel a strong inner connection with the moon witch. I think she also radiates a certain mystical aura. Line art is my hobby and there is still so much to learn. My digital art is just starting out, but I can feel it: I'm developing further every day. 🌙 Visit my Instagram channel for more mystical and spiritual art. I look forward to seeing you!
Halloween Queen | Lineart Procreate Timelapse | Digital Art
I may have gone a little overboard with my Halloween lady's hairstyle: Curls AND hair accessories! But in the end it actually worked out quite well, didn't it? (Even if I wonder if it would work like that in real life - or HOW!? 😅) ❓ What do you find most complicated about drawing hair? #artversum #halloweenart #halloweenqueen #lineartprocreate #lineart #lineartdrawing #procreatetimelapse #digitallineart #digitalart
Lady in White | Lineart Procreate Timelapse | Digital Art
Somehow the line art for my Lady in White just flowed along. I'm currently concentrating a lot on the face and hair, I'm also drawing jewellery and clothes - as far as necessary - but I'm not working on every detail here. I'll save that for a later date when I'm more comfortable with the portraits themselves and more experienced in drawing lineart. 💙 #artversum #ladyinwhite #lineart #lineartwithprocreate #procreatedrawing #digitaldrawing #digitalart #digitallineart #portrait #porträtlineart
Procreate Art | Spiritual Woman | Digital Art - Digital Drawing
Women's portraits are currently my focus until I dare to do more. I'm not only practising the proportions of the face with them, but I'm also learning a lot about how I want to colour them. I realise that I'm making more and more progress and that makes me so happy, but at the same time I break off pictures now and again because I can't really get to grips with them. But I guess that's also part of the learning process! In any case, I like my spiritual lady. #artversum #digitalart #procreateart #digitaldrawing #spirituallady #womanart #womandrawing
Lady in White | Digital Art with Procreate | Digital Drawing
Magic and spirituality are important parts of my life and I want this to be reflected in my art in the future. That's why I chose a little more mysticism with the background for this drawing and I think it fits together quite well overall. My "Lady in White". #digitalart #procreateart #digitaldrawing #characterdesign #oc #originalcharacter #artversum #magicalart #magicart #ladyinwhite #procreatedrawing #procreate
Vampiress | Digital Art with Procreate | Digital Drawing
From line art to coloured picture in no time at all: the #dtiys, which I took part in October, was a lot of fun. My vampiress is far from perfect, but I like her! . . . #digitaldart #procreateart #artversum #vampireart #vampiredrawing #digitaldrawing #vampiress
Halloween Queen | Digital Art with Procreate | Pumpkin Queen
Learning more and more about Character Design, anatomy & colouring with my Halloween Queen 👸🏻 🎃 . #digitalart #halloweenart #procreateart #digitaldrawing #artversum #halloweendrawing #ocdrawing #characterdesign
Spooky Version: Mini Me | Digital Art with Procreate | Ghost | Tarot
Time for some mysticism! I really love the Halloween season, so of course I had to draw a #MiniMe with a mystical setting. That's me in real life, so to speak. Maybe not every day, but spirituality has been part of my life since I was a teenager and even if I sometimes don't have time for it, I always return to this part of my life and then I always realise how good this time does me!
Spooky Mini Me - Lineart with Procreate Timelapse - Digital Art
Ahsoka #Fanart - Colouring Process with #Procreate | Digital Art | Star Wars Fanart
Finally found my way of colouring 💙 - I am really loving that piece of Fanart of Ahsoka.
Star Wars Fanart: Ahsoka Fanart with Procreate | Digitalart - Lineart
I do love the lineart or my latest fanart: Ahsoka 💙
My new #MiniMe meets #AkteX | Procreate Art - Digital Art
I do love these little sketches or cartoons with my MiniMe - recently I started a re-watch of #AkteX and had to draw that little piece with Procreate.
Mini Me - Take a break - Procreate Art | Digital Drawing
My Mini Me who needs a little break from everything. I did draw it with the app Procreate on my iPad Pro.