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Make everyday life magical with the witches' wheel of the year and the magical witches' festivals & sabbats.
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a poster with the words, what is the witch festival of growth and fertiity?
Beltane - Origin and symbolism of the witchy fire festival of growth and fertility
Today, this witchy festival is celebrated by many neo-pagans, witches, and spiritual women worldwide. Although the traditions have evolved, but the theme of celebrating life and fertility remains central. Rituals often involve maypole dancing, the lighting of bonfires and candles, and feasting on seasonal foods.
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Witchy Festivals | Imbolc | 7 ideas to celebrate that witch sabbat for lights and renewal
Imbolc, a traditional Celtic festival, celebrates the onset of spring and the lengthening of days. The darkest days are over now. Imbolc is held on February 1st or 2nd, halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. This witchy festival, deeply rooted in ancient folklore and tradition, is rich with symbolism and unique customs.
the zodiac sign for autumn with many different things on it's side and stars in the background
Witches‘ Wheel of the Year | Witches‘ sabbats | witch festivals | Artnautin
I am starting my magical year 2024 with the Witches' Festival Wheel of the Year. My spiritual, magical path and my business journey are now intersecting and I'm really excited to see what will come of it. In the pipeline: Pictures, blog posts and lots of digital products. I urgently need to find a balance between these and my work-life balance. 2024 is going to be exciting!