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Iranian nomad clothing in dusty tans, yellows, and reddish-browns. It has a head scarf, the same bodice-like jacket, and a skirt with a tunic and tight sleeves.

Woman spinning wool, Northwest Africa ca. 1895

Woman spinning wool, Northwest Africa ca. 1895 [note pair of fibula brooch pins holding the shawl on her shoulders, reminiscent of bronze and iron-age styles of clothing: untailored wraps of woven textiles traditional in biblical lands)

Appears to be two young girls spinning flax --using drop spindle and distaff.

Why does this look like a picture of little vampire girls spinning and looking creepy?

A woman yak herder

A woman yak herder, wearing a red & turquoise head-dress, spins yak wool whilst watching the herd. By Brian & Cherry Alexander Photography.

М.А. Врубель - Демон летящий (фрагмент)

М.А. Врубель - Демон летящий (фрагмент)

Alcaraz-Albacete.1917.Dos mujeres en la puerta de su casa,una de ellas,hilando con la rueda.Ftf.Pedro Román Martínez.

Spinning wool on the great wheel. Spain, 1917 Imagen de dos mujeres an la puerta…