Interviews With Photographers

Interviews with photographers from different genres about visual creativity and photographic inspiration.
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a man looking at mannequins on display in a store window with flowers
Akkara Naktamna: "Humorous Street Photography"
Akkara Naktamna (Thailand): Humorous Street Photography
a woman laying on top of a bed in black and white with her hands under her head
Spanish Photographer Romy Fernandez: "52 Weeks, 52 Songs"
Romy (The Netherlands): 52 Weeks, 52 Songs
a blue and white striped fence with trees in the backgrouds behind it
Oleg Koval: "New Story For The Place"
Oleg Koval (Ukraine): New Story For The Place
an old photo of some people dressed in native garb and headdresses
Diego Zapatero: The Panji Performance – Portraits Of A Thousand Years
Diego Zapatero (Spain): "The Panji Performance: Portraits Of A Thousand Years"
two clowns are sitting in the driver's seat of a car with their faces painted black and white
Luc Kordas: "Street Is Raw. Street Is Real"
Street Is Raw. Street Is Real
Unfamiliar Surroundings
Artem Nadyozhin: "Unfamiliar Surroundings"
Unfamiliar Surroundings
an image of a waterfall in the dark with light coming from it and a bird flying above
Jeremy Blincoe: "Chimera Of Control"
Chimera Of Control
a man looking at mannequins on display in a store window with flowers
Akkara Naktamna: "Humorous Street Photography"
Humorous Street Photography
two people are flying through the air with their arms around each other and one person is holding his head
The 10 Best Photography Movies You Must Watch
The 10 Best Photography Movies
a man is holding a green bowl in the water while another person holds it up
Photojournalist Luke Duggleby: "Showing People What You See"
Luke Duggleby (UK): "Showing People What You See"
an old black and white photo of a fence with a window on the top floor
Jeanne Wells: "Lyric Photographs"
Jeanne Wells (USA): Lyric Photographs
three public restrooms covered in snow next to a building with graffiti on the wall
French Photographer Thomas Bouquin: "Territorial Identities"
Thomas Bouquin (France): Territorial Identities
a group of men standing around each other
Karen Dias (India): "Ladies Only"
a yellow building sitting on the side of a road next to a fenced in area
Bogdan Radenkovic: "Manufactured Landscapes"
Bogdan Radenkovic (Serbia): Manufactured Landscapes
Bjørn Wad (Norway): Simple. Clean. Honest? Norway, Science Fiction, Lund, Badlands, Bjorn, Strange, Best
Bjørn Wad: "Simple. Clean. Honest?"
Bjørn Wad (Norway): Simple. Clean. Honest?