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Arwin Esfahanian

Arwin Esfahanian
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Two Hmong children in Can Ty, Ha Giang province, Vietnam This photo is being used for the Nepal earthquake. How sad people have to exploit children this way. There is enough destruction in Nepal without this type of fake photo.

North America: Maya, Mexico

Mayan traditions involved the combination of heavy face and body paint, along with drumming music and dancing. The Mayans would dance for all occasions, from celebration to ritual. Mayans also possessed high intellectual skills and a complex culture


Scythian horse warriors on the right with a Scythian chief bottom front and two Greek warriors on horseback on the left.

♂ drummer CLANADONIA shot Flickr - Brad.T.Riley

LOVE THIS BAND! This is one Tu-Bardh Wilson of Clanadonia, a Celt and Pict inspired drum and bagpipes band. They are known for their very animated live performances.