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Syrupnatural AU - "My first time spending Hellatus on tumblr and I have not been disappointed yet."

What is wrong with this fandom. I'm judging and laughing at the same time


A Superwholock crossover is something I'd watch on repeat until the day I die lol.<<I love the art tho too


This is so accurate. Sherlocks trying to kill Dean, Sams really bored, and Cas and the Doctor are just kinda chillin on the roof together.

SuperWhoLock and Merlin

Actually one of the most accurate descriptions of BBC I've ever read. (Except for Supernatural.) I love how the Merlin and Sherlock fandom are ready.but I'm in the Doctor Who, Sherlock, AND Merlin fandom so I'm in a big mess.

John and Dean could start a Badass Gunslinging Club if they wanted to. Who needs cheekbones when you can shoot like them, anyway?

That's a lot of cheekbones. :) Sam Sherlock and the Doctor hit it off while Dean and John look on