Neon Bracelets

kids: Who remembers neon friendship bracelets? << to me they were always some pretty awesome bracelets!

This year for our spring choir we r doing the 80's and I would love to wear this considering my choices.

The 80's Halloween Costume for Teen Girls and Women

I Love The Fancy Dress Costume for Ladies - pink hair bow, neon earrings, off-the-shoulder T-shirt, plain black leggings, neon pink leg warmers and hi-top trainers.

I had completely forgotten about these.  They were so annoying because the lead ran out so quickly!

Le Magic pen I loved these! No sharpening necessary, just move on to the next…

Had these bad boys. Vintage 1970s/1980s Sneaker Roller Skates by Alpenglow Vintage, via Flickr.

Vintage Sneaker Roller Skates by Alpenglow Vintage. I wanted these so bad I could taste it! I had the cruddy metal frame skates that went over your shoes.


This is the classic costume- Oversized Shirt (dress), big belt, long beads & cross necklace, the neon hose & to polish off the look a bunch of jelly bracelets.

die alte Deutsche Mark. Ich will sie wieder haben...

Das waren noch Zeiten, als man froh war als Kind 50 Pfennige zu besitzen.