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Get in the mood for Halloween this year with these goofy, not-so-spooky, bat buddies. In just make these cute toilet roll bat buddies with your kids.

Faschingsclowns - Fasching-basteln - Meine Enkel und ich - Made with schwedesign.de

Karnaval Palyaçolar - Mardi Gras Meslekler - Benim torunum ve ben - schwedesign.de Made

Le Carnaval !!!! :: Le français

Make our own Mardi Gras masks next year, Luke has a whole year to get ready to be crafty!

Depuis de nombreuses années, je teste de nombreux projets créatifs avec des rouleaux de papier-toilette. Voilà une partie de mes trouv...

My daughter and I had SO MUCH FUN making ninjas out of toilet rolls and straws this evening! So quick and easy to make these toilet roll ninjas, with their mad sensei skills!