raw diamond silver ring

Louise Kragh is a Danish jewelry brand and every piece is made in Aarhus, Denmark. Discover the Enamel, Raw Diamond, Embrace, and HangAround collections.

sweetheart necklace

sweetheart necklace

knot silver ring

Dainty silver knot ring from TAMARZIZT Paris designer. Creating an ecstasy of sophistication, with a free-flowing chain and intertwined knot. Made in Paris.

handassa hand bracelet

This sleek and geometric hand bracelet by TAMARZIZT with a Swarovski triangle in the center is an ode to architecture and ancient Egypt.

bar gold bracelet

Description Louise Kragh gold-plated bracelet with raw diamonds. this jaw-dropper gold-plated bracelet has a few raw diamonds - just the right amount of sparkle.

long pearl ring

A mesmerizing long pearl ring from the heart of Paris. TAMARZIZT combines classic Swarovski pearls with a modern design. A bold, yet sophisticated ring.

sleek rose gold bangle

Designer bracelet in rose gold by TomShot. Modern and simple, perfect for stacking. Designer jewelry piece handcrafted in Berlin, Germany.

gold arrow bangle

gold arrow bangle