DIY Project: Recycled Light Bulbs

Want to find outl lightbulb plants How To Make a Hanging Lightbulb Planter? We'll take you through the process so you can build your very own lightbulb planter.

15 Gorgeous Flower Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

15 Gorgeous Flower Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

Grandma T loves sunflowers! Make your home more beautiful with this unique flower display. Stack a vase within a vase in order to layer fruit slices along the inside.

Succulents in soup ladles

Aquarius and Cancer garden ideas. Hanging garden for the Aqua and soup ladle food reminder for the Cancer. Succulents in soup ladles

Tiered succulent container garden. Use your broken terra cotta pots to give the separated but united look. Just make sure to plant an odd number of plants (notice how there are 7 types). container gardening, succulent, summer gardening, patio

I love how height was created to add interest in this tiered succulent container garden made with broken pot pieces.

Beautiful spring decoration from the Danish floral designer Annette Von Einem.

picture only Cut branch / attach shallow dish and cover outside of dish with twigs / use force bulb method in dish