Zum Nachmachen: trendy Geschenkpapier mit "Botanik-Print" in schwarz-weiß. #DIY

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. 20 awesome gifts for dad and a DIY wrapping paper you can make yourself with a bamboo leaf TOMFO

love the roses, most likely will have to be fake due to weather. My only problem is getting them to stick, maybe doing weighted bottoms so they stand up no matter what.

Roses may not bloom in the winter, but they DO stick in the snow! This fabulous proposal idea is one to keep in mind.

Ein anderer ganz kreativer Heiratsantrag

Pete wanted to propose to his girlfriend Shannon, so he went to a Mexican restaurant and spelled out his his proposal in a photo booth. Pete then stuck the strips on their fridge, and Shannon discovered it while they were cooking pasta. How sweet is that?

so ziemlich der schönste Antrag, den ich mir vorstellen kann! und nicht inmitten von Menschenmassen...

Ahhh, so schön kann ein Hochzeitsantrag sein

Holzschild Holzschriftzug 3D-Wandtattoo

Holzschild Holzschriftzug 3D-Wandtattoo

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