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Okay everyone, my new Patronus is President Obama.actually, no wait, Jon Stewart. My patronus is Jon Stewart.<— Can my patronus be Lin-Manuel Miranda?

Poor Thor. He is very strong also mentally.

Oh and I was enslaved for a while and my lifelong friends the brothers 3 are dead but look I found Loki and Banner yay!

For the love of god just give them some fucking pockets

For the love of god just give them some fucking pockets Wayne industries have a clothing department

This is adorable :) I can see tiny Jason doing this as Robin PR as older red hood just to tick him off:)

I feel like he’d be tricked into by the kids and when it gets the Colbert part he’s just like *I’m going to roll with this because somehow their crazy plan has actually worked in the way they thought it would* with Alfred just enjoying the whole thing.

DC BruceWayneIsTheBatman<< I'm not a batman fan, but this is fantastic<<tbh this is enough for me to start being Batman's biggest fan<<THE BUTTS MATCH!

“ On a day that El Diablo’s tattoos disappeared after using , He once made the mistake to wear a red oppai hoodie that was a gag gift from Harley He was complimented for his Saitama cosplay .(There was con happening In Gotham city that day).