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three wooden teethpicks with different colored beads and rings on each one, along with two pairs of scissors
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Mickey and Minnie Mouse Disney Silicone bead pacifier clips for babies. Fimo, Disney, Minnie Mouse, Disney Inspired, Upcycling, Minnie Pacifier, Mickey, Disney Diy
Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Silicone Pacifier Holders
a pink and white beaded bracelet with a wooden spoon
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the beads are all different colors and have words on them
Phone charms ✨
a wooden pacifier and teethpick set on a wood table next to a toy bear
a wooden pacifier and teethpick set on a wood table next to a toy bear
a teddy bear is sitting on top of a baby bib with stars and leaves
Box regalo nascita
Catenella portaciuccio, massaggia gengive e bavaglino in silicone.
a wooden beaded necklace and keychain on a white surface with a hook
Baby Shower Gifts, Teething Baby, Gender Neutral
a bracelet made out of different colored beads on a white surface with an origami cube in the middle
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Blossom & Bear Rainbow Teething Ring in Autumn – Natural Baby Shower
a bracelet made out of pastel colored plastic beads on a white surface with one bead in the middle
Infinity scarves, teethers and other baby accessories by HolaBunny
four different types of beaded necklaces on a marble counter top with a wooden block in the background
the baby pacifiers are laid out next to an autumn leaf and brooch pins
Promotional Wooden Portable Pacifier Holder Food Grade Bpa Free Hold Nipple Clips Silicone Baby Soothing Toy Pacifier Chain
a pacifier with wooden beads attached to it's side and an olive green pacifier
Army Green Pacifier Clip by Ali+Oli
a wooden beaded necklace with two rings
two wooden beads on a white plate with one beaded in the shape of a ring
Baby Shower Gifts, Rattle, Teething Toy
an assortment of wooden beads on a white surface
Baby Christmas Gift Ideas, Baby Rattles, Teething Baby
a white plate topped with a wooden beaded toy on it's side,
Kai & Ben Inc.
various crafting items are arranged on a table with thread, scissors and spools
a pacifier with a monkey on it and a bead around the neck is shown in front of a white background
Pacifier Clips with Teethers – Kai & Ben Inc. - Stocking Stuffers
a blue and white pacifier is next to a metal object on a white surface
Kai & Ben Inc.
a pacifier with a bear on it and a beaded necklace attached to it
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a wooden beaded bracelet with a star charm
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a bracelet with wooden letters and beads
Tailored Tots – Tailored Tots