Four Headband Braids is a tutorial that will teach you how to do a French Braid Headband, Lace Braid Headband, Dutch Braid Headband; and Half Dutch Braid Headband.

he estado viendo este apilados cola de pescado y mini trenza combinado en todas partes! Desde siempre en la parte de atrás de mi mente pensé que sería divertido compartir cómo iba el estilo. Diadema de trenzas son una gran manera de añadir un poco de algo extra a tus favoritos rizos u ondas. Para …

Apilados cola de pescado y Mini Trenza

stacked fishtail and mini braid combo everywhere! Headband braids are such a great way to add a little something extra…

Short Hair Do’s / 10 Quick and Easy Styles

Short Hair Do's / 10 Quick and Easy Styles

It seems that women with longer hair have more options to style their hair. Women get a short haircut perhaps because they love short hair or just becuase of impulsion. If you belongs to the second group, you must want to make pretty hairstyles with your

Step-by-step messy bun

Step-by-step messy bun (Christina Dueholm)

Summer is back with a bang and you must be thinking what trends one has to follow in the summer time. Well a lot of brighter tones are seen in the wardrobe

You will get here 20 messy side bun hairstyle, changed and dramatic look. Find the best one for you, Simple and easy Messy Side bun hairstyle for you. Read on this article below to get 20 amazing messy bun hairstyle ideas for your beautiful hair.

Von romantisch bis rockig: Tolle Flechtfrisuren für lange Haare

Such a cute hairstyle for a summer day spent at the beach! Just a quick french braid and a messy bun and you got yourself easy, careless beach hair

Probiere diese geflochtene Variante für einen lässig-eleganten Look.

25 Tipps und Tricks für den perfekten Dutt

Frizz Haare: 5 Tipps, die wirklich gegen krauses Haar helfen | ELLE

Frizz Haare: 5 Tipps, die wirklich gegen krauses Haar helfen | ELLE