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Die Wasser-Lehre

Da ist was dran, lassen wir das Glas eben auch mal los .

Ungefähr das habe ich nach zwei Jahren gehört....

crying self hate die dead cry dying sadness darkness self destruction loneliness hate myself Invisible depressive larry brown after a year in therapy my psychiatrist said to me maybe life isn't for everyone xonceuponatimexx


Still hoping. For one more chance. I'm so stupid, see you talking to another guy and I instantly get jealous. thought that I had you. Makes me cry:(


There's something so beautifully sad about this. Something all too familiar. A kind of fashionable destruction leaving you feeling hopeless yet entitled. A human being gracefully crumbling but no one notices because it looks to pretty.

Depende de la situacion...nos cortamos en la zona correcta...✖

- Have you ever cut yourself too deep and you know you did so you sit their shaking and smiling as you cry, proud of yourself for that moment because you're bleeding out all over, just staring at the cut?

Kopf hoch & Krone richten: Die besten Sprüche für Liebeskummergeplagte

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