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Simple impressive ladder stairs up to loft bedroom - 480 Sq. Kanga Cottage Cabin with screened porch. Nick, I really like the idea and look of this ladder/stairs for Bay - as opposed to the regular ladder pictured with the loft design she likes.

Birch 24 Space Saving staircase

Birch 24 Space Saving staircase - I'd love to extend our master bedroom closet to a second level in the attic above - it would need stairs - otherwise there is no other way to get more room in the master closet. It's too small for today's home buyer e

space saving

"space saving - stairs/ladder" The problem with all these types of alternating stairs/ladders is that some folks have to take one step at a time, favoring a bad foot/knee/etc

Attic Tent (AT5) Reflective Insulation for Attic Ladder

Attic Tent (AT2) Reflective Insulation for Attic Ladder

The Attic Tent is easily installed and immediately provides energy savings by eliminating drafts from your attic space. Installing an attic tent can DRAMATICALLY reduce air

insulated panel for attic stairs I guess yeah, you would have to insulate attic stairs for noise and heat/cool

9 Green Products You Should Know About

Insulating Attic Stairs - here's an article on the topic that gives some good strategies for thinking about attic stair insulation