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I know this is a front yard but it is just soooo stunning and surprisingly private it could be a backyard. I love this for living in a densely populated are or near a busy street.

toll aufgeteilt! ein Traum

"This loft features a desk/work area with leisure in mind by means of the hammock. The high ceiling allows room to incorporate this loft leaving the main floor with extra space for living.

Ridge House, Eastern Washington Wahrscheinlich hatten man den Bauherren ähnlich wie bei Fallingwater gefragt, wo denn genau ihr Lieblingsplatz sei und was sie an ihm so schätzen würden. Stelle ich mir jedenfalls so vor.

Windows, windows everywhere! Awesome views from this suspended cabin built on piers that bridge the natural undulations of a hill. Ridge House in Eastern Washington Photography & Design by Olson Kundig Architects.

Villa Mistral by Mercurio Design Lab - Singapore

“Mercurio Design Lab Create a Modern Villa in Singapore Villa Mistral is a residential project designed by Mercurio Design Lab in It is located in Singapore.

Keramikwaschtisch "Marrakesh" mit arabischem Muster

Stilvolle Badmöbel: Keramikwaschtisch "Marrakesh" mit arabischem Muster

städtisch ambiente wand tapeten sticker

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