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Hoe teken je een mammoet
I've decided this:  If we ever get invaded by aliens, I am getting this tattoo.  Then, when they ship us off to another planet, I can be like "hey, this is a tribute to earth, the motherland."  This is why I will never get a tattoo.. because I only like really huge, elaborate ones.  Not very practical.
im not crazy, my reality is just different than yours: TRUTH! alice in wonderland
This piece of art has been created by Malvina, who works as a tattoo artist at Scratchline Tattoo, Kentish Town. She specialises in geometric and graphic tattoo styles Tattoo Art, Geometric, Graphic, Black, Grey, White, Red, Birds, Skulls
Lamp - Ink...I really enjoy this ink drawing. I like the combination of nature and technology. Super cool.
I'm getting this, why? As a kid at school I would be scared to make new friends, so I'd just swing, It makes me feel like I'm flying, Like I'm a bird, It made me feel great, An to this day,  I still love swinging.
Swing 8x10  Nursery Art child wall art boy nursery by ohhellodear, $20.00
Okay, I've been trying to design a side piece for awhile now. It will be centered around my current anchor tattoo. Gotta remember this for when I'm getting it drawn out-- love the water.