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Benjamin Moore Yellow House Paint Colors - Palette 03.1. Windham Cream HC-6 2. San Diego Cream 921 3. Linen Sand 2151-60 4. Woodmont Cream 204 5. Swans Mill Cream 260 6. Ivory Lustre 184 7. Beach Haven 218 8. Bronzed Beige 2151-50 9. Westchester Tan 246 10. Norfolk Cream 261 11. Simply Irresistible 205 12. Philadelphia Cream HC-30 13. Dunmore Cream HC-29 14. Natural Beech 253 15. Amulet AF-365 16. Summer Harvest 206 17. Yellow Bisque 220 18. Mustard Seed 222 19. Westwood Tan 256 20. Adams…

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Tailed beasts

Tailed beasts // You know, I look at this picture of Naruto and The Tailed Beasts and really wonder if Kurama ever felt proud that his jinchuuriki was the child of the prophesy.but for some reason, I just know he was!

TEAM ROCKET LEADER by on @DeviantArt (Giovanni with Dugtrio, Rhyhorn, Nidoqueen, Nidoking and Rhydon)

Giovanni Pic via I'm not a huge Pokemon guy but my girl and the skwad love it so this one is for y'all! by doom.