I. Griechische Antike - Architektur und Kunstgeschichte

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Travel news site Travel Pulse has included the Epidaurus in Greece among the most amazing ancient amphitheaters.


Pericles was born in 495 B. into the wealthy family of the Alcmaeonids. Pericles name in Greek means "Surrounded by Glory" which came true for him as he became an influential statesman for Athens during The Peloponnesian War until his death in 429 B.


Pergamon museum - Hecate fights against Clytius (left); Artemis against Otos (right)

Athena Promachos

1846 painting by Leo von Klenze (German) showing a reconstruction of the Akropolis

Straton I. (Sidon)

Straton I. (Sidon)

Halsamphora des Exekias (Berlin F 1720)

Halsamphora des Exekias (Berlin F 1720)