NYC rooftop garden

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DIY • Mini-Gewächshäuser oder Frühbeet

10 DIY Greenhouse Projects

Learn how to build cold frames from recycled windows. The cold frames will act like mini greenhouses and let you extend the growing season both

Pflanzenschilder für den Gemüsegarten


Might be a fun thing to do with youth. DIY garden plant markers - check out the wood burning kit

A cottage house and a cottage garden this is cute! I need a plan for my yard 2 acres of wild stuff just looks wild! I so want a cottage when I grow up!


Ursulas Garten - Calli'canthus, le jardin

A garden is a planned space , enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature

gemauertes Frühbeet

Actually, a brick bottom cold frame.but yes, a sort of greenhouse. "You don't always need to build a big green house, why not try a mini greenhouse made from recycled bricks & windows"