DDR Speisen   ⇅  https://de.pinterest.com/sweety2822/meine-zeit/

DDR foods - typical dishes from historical East Germany

Zeitungskiosk, DDR

Zeitungskiosk - News stand and phone booth in the typical local design

Berlin Television Tower - original GDR Stamp More information on Berlin: visitBerlin.com

Berlin-Hauptstadt der DDR postage stamp, East Germany, by Deutsche Post.

Unser Fliegerkosmonaut Sigmund Jähn ~~ Der erste Deutsche im All ---- #GDR astronaut Siegmund Jaehn

Sigmund Werner Paul Jähn (born 13 February is a German pilot, who became the first German to fly in space as part of the Soviet Union's Interkosmos programme.

Pure Emotion - 2 | 20 Years of German Unity

A sense of happiness -- from the fall of the Wall to German Unity Day.

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