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From Remodelista Plywood cabinets In Japan, mA-style Architects designed a double-layered house where the exterior layer is used as a zone for closets and storage. Photograph by Kai Nakamura via mA-style Architects.

Ich liebe Street Art, denn Street Art ist für mich eine der kreativsten Formen der Kunst. Ich finde es einfach nur cool, was manche Künstler aus einer gegebenen Kulisse machen. Das eine Mal ist es einfach nur lustig, das andere mal total beeindruckend.

Sean Martindale This project highlights some of the neglected city tree planter boxes that line our busy streets. These planters are generally made of concrete and many are cracked or missing large chunks.

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flower steps in Ewha, Korea That was one thing that was really cool in Korea. They had beautiful murals all over the place! All of the walls around the military bases had murals, sides of buildings usually had murals… It was just beautiful!