DIY Lovely Earphone Case

DIY Blue Polka Dot Earphone Case -- Teenagers need these to keep their earbuds from getting tangled up in their book bags and purses.

Genial! Warum bin ich da nie drauf gekommen?!

Pin cushion attached to machine.The Gilded Hare: diy sewing machine pin cushion tutorial.

einfach zucker <3

Haselnussmäuse DIY and video of how to make these adorable hazelnut mice! Great craft to involve kids in! Entzückende Idee, www.


Woven Basket from Newspaper

Woven paper craft is a nice way to recycle old newspaper and magazines. Sometimes it can be turned into some useful household stuffs, such as a storage box -- wonder if can make one large enough for kitty bed .

Nice needle work cases

FINO FELTRO - FORTALEZA CE e BRASÍLIA DF: Presentes Especiais - Porta Agulhas, Jogo da Velha e Chaveiro Goen: Really cute idea for in your purse, for the college or camp bound, first home, etc. Everyone should have the basic sewing essentials handy!

Игольница ЧАЙНАЯ ЧАШКА. | Сделай сам! | Уголок рукодельницы | Постила

Уголок рукодельницы

Игольница ЧАЙНАЯ ЧАШКА. | Сделай сам! | Уголок рукодельницы | Постила

make it into a sofa arm organiser for remote controls pens etc with a weighted cushion at the top