Dekoration für Buffets

EASY Veggie Train Snack for Kids

This Veggie Train Snack is fast and easy to make and so fun for the kids. Great party food idea for a kids train or transportation themed birthday.

I MUST HAVE THESE! Penguin appetizers made of carrots and black olives! Toy Story.. Adult fun food area!

CREAM CHEESE OLIVE PENGUINS diy food ideas diy food food photography diy snack craft food party favor ideas or you could use grapes instead of olives.

Number Birthday Cakes / Zahlen für Geburtstagskuchen

Number Cakes Ideas Perfect For Your Next Party

Sheep cupcakes- soooooooo cute!!!! (make with chocolate cake mix instead - much cuter)

Different version of sheep cupcakes- soooooooo cute! (make with chocolate cake mix instead - much cuter)

Melonen Spezial {so schmeckt der Sommer} – Frau Zuckerstein.

Gesunder & süßer Kinder Snack : Melone am Stiel ❤️ *** healthy & cute kids snack - melon lollipop

How funny. Food art with grape tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and carrots shaping into an owl. Please also visit www. for colorful inspirational Art. Thank you so much!

Fun Food Kids Banana Banane Delfin Delphine Delphin grapes pepper cute niedlich schlau smart Pfefferkörner eyes augen bananen obst fruit gesund healthy einfach easy schnell fast Weintrauben Deko Deco Decoration tiere animals sea meer ozean Sinja78

bananas always help me when there is no other stuff around. not the biggest fan of their taste but i eat thousands of them :)