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a hand holding up a piece of paper with words on it that says creativity is very important and i am creative
some cards and magnets are laying on a wooden table with the words, i'm out not touch
We’ve had continuous houseguests for the last few weeks and I’ve been a bit on the struggle bus with keeping up with everything all at once: the wedding coming up in June, a college graduation in May, work, social obligations, holidays, etc. etc. But somehow what needs to get done will get done and my goal is to stay sane through this next big phase of life. I’m going to be using my Watercolor for Joy with @karenelainecreative course work to record any ideas, thoughts, quotes, etc. on stayin...
some papers are laying on top of each other, and one is covered in paper
Handmade Journaling Cards with Collage Masterboard – Video Tutorial
Gestalte deine eigenen Karten für's Fotoalbum. Eine Anleitung dazu findest du auf unserem Blog.
two pieces of art that are sitting on the floor next to each other with ribbons around them
Crafting Whimsical Dream Catchers with Paper – Graphic 45 Papers
a group of pieces of paper that have been cut into squares and are laying on top of each other
someone is holding some postcards on top of a wooden table with butterflies and moths
DIY Postcards Using Magazine Images
a collage of paper houses with lots of different shapes and sizes
Let's Build Houses! Art Journal Focal Points
a quilted wall hanging with houses on it
several pieces of art made out of crayons and colored pencils are arranged in the shape of butterflies