He/She has a heart butt, too! If this pup was a girl, and Dartanian wasn't fixed.they could have heart butt corgi puppies!

you know... just in case you ever feel the need to walk your cats!

Animals: It’s their world, we’re just living in it (30 photos)

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los. Sag Mal..., Was Ist Denn Los Mit Dir?

Sceptical Baby : Was Ist Denn Los Mit Dir?, Was Ist Denn Los Mit Dir? - by Anonymous - (tags: was ist denn los mit dir)


In Würde altern – Die Humor-Methode


Cool cat: a biker takes a ride with his cat "Chiquinho" in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 📷 AFP news agency

die Beanspruchungen der Katzen

-l-l-l-l- This cat thinks this antenna is for his personal sunbathing pleasure. Not content with the top of the TV for a warm nap. He climbs out on the antenna to nap.