Incredible Double-Exposure Animal Portraits

Incredible Double-Exposure Animal Portraits

Für die größeren Kids: Dart-Painting! Moderne Kunst :) Wenn man mehrere davon macht, kann jedes Kind eins mit nach Hause nehmen. Tolle Outdoor-Kindergeburtstag-Attraktion.

Balloon dart paint- assign point values to each balloon, each team tallies up points for the balloons they pop, compare beautiful pieces of art

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Small Group Activity: Objective: Given brown paint in a tin, students will step in the paint and then on the piece of paper with feet covered in the brown paint. Goals: To develop a positive self-concept and attitude towards learning

Little Deer als Premium Poster von Amy Hamilton | JUNIQE

Little Deer Art Print -- inspiration for cheek art face painting or central mask/crown element for nature or holiday themed designs

Little Fox als Premium Poster von Amy Hamilton | JUNIQE

"Little Fox" by Amy Hamilton — Premium Poster ab inkl. (Translation from German: Premium Poster from incl.

Little Bear als Premium Poster von Amy Hamilton | JUNIQE

Dreamy Animal Illustrations Come to Life through an Energetic Brushstroke Style