HI & BYE | Designers: Leire Pérez, Juan Tomás Carboneras and Arkaitz Arco of Gauzak Studio

HI&BYE le portemanteau par Gauzak

HI le portemanteau par Gauzak, run hat, coat, and scarf rack

ladder attached to wall or ceiling: hang clothes or use as drying rack *image source unknown*

Eine schlichte Leiter in eine sehr schöne Garderobe umwandeln

5 Unusual & Modern Ways to Display Your Clothes at Home - Another DIY ladder reuse-able idea! This time you use an old ladder with paint and install it in such a way that you have storage above and below. Seen on Living Corriere.

OMG, I am so so like Goose. If he gives me it as Christmas gift, I will love him. http://cheap-goose.blogspot.com/

In master closet :: Cute display/storage idea for my purse collection - simply mount wooden dowels on the wall (but painted in multiple colors) & hang purses.