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a red background with an image of a video player
Musicians can use YouTube Clips – Beatrising Blog
the beatport logo is displayed on a black mesh material background with green text that reads beatport
Useful tips to sell your music on Beatport – Beatrising Blog
a man with his hand on his face and the words how to get verified
Steps to verify your Artists profile on Spotify - Beatrising Blog
a smart phone sitting on top of a table next to a blue cup and container
Social music: the growth of the music industry - Beatrising Blog
a close up of a laptop keyboard with the facebook logo on it
Facebook introduces Fan subscriptions & Stars – Beatrising
a pink and black guitar sitting on top of a reflective floor next to a green light
Unique and effective marketing strategies to get on playlists - Beatrising
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table next to a cup and cell phone
The music industry and its legalities: Digital music distribution agreement - Beatrising
the website for songwriters is shown with many different types of people in it
Spotify is debuting a beta version of songwriter pages - Beatrising
the cover art for beatssing's new album is shown in black and yellow
Digital Music Distribution Mastering Promo Reporting - Beatrising
a blue background with white lines and symbols in the center, all connected to various devices
Record label marketing strategies for music promotion - Beatrising Blog
a man in a hooded jacket is surrounded by green numbers and circles on a black background
Formulate Anti-piracy strategies for effective digital music distribution
various images of people with headphones and microphones in front of a blue background
Music Industry: IFPI releases Music Listening 2019 - Beatrising Blog
a close up view of the keys on a computer keyboard
How To Go About Promoting Your Music On An Electronic Music Blog
the tiktok logo is displayed on a black background with white and red letters
Knowing All About TikTok - Deliver your music onto TikTok | Beatrising Blog
an image of sound recording on the webpage with audio editor plugged in to it
How Stems Distributor Has Changed The Way Music is Presented - Beatrising