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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 89 Pics

Cat rejected by its mother, cared for by a golden retriever. Awwwe so cute. How great is this Golden retriever ! Sweet little "kitty".

Adorable snowman ideas - love these!

Adorable snowman ideas - love these! This would be a great winter vacation program idea.

Love this idea :: note from your future husband on your wedding shoes, in case you get "cold feet"

Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration

message from the groom to his bride to be on her wedding shoe. Love this romantic idea of the groom nicking the bride's shoes and writing a secret message on them. So sweet.

Don't miss this post - BEAUTIFULY spooky amazing gourds!

more of the Autumn 2011 crew! so fun creating and embellishing these grown in the U. gourds they will last year after year after year.