Movie and Concert Memory Jar

Movie and Concert Memory Jar - cute idea. NEED TO DO THIS! Something cute for me to start a collection jar since I'm always on the move, doing activities and seeing new stuff. I can put many stuffs into a jar of memories.

Recycling: Coole Möbel aus alten Paletten – Teil 2 | KlonBlog

Re-purpose old pallets into wine bottle/wine glass rack. Excellent choice to store your bottles and glasses together! Love this idea!

'book' bag - I'll have to see if I can find a book I can part with to try this!

Give new meaning to the term 'book' bag with this adorable DIY book craft!


Heart Candles Materials: Newspaper/book page, candle, jar, yarn. Steps: Cut a heart out of book/newspaper page. Place around the inside of jar Put a candle in the centre of jar. (light when.

Wegkreiz, Haberfeld

The Rock - The Rockmaker - Caroline Lauenstein - Wegkreiz, Haberfeld