Picnic box built into bike frame with a cover that doubles as a folding table top. #bikes

15 Original Picnic Ideas for Labor Day. Just love this idea, combines a bike ride and a picnic!

Peugeot Mixte peugeot_product_green01

i'm getting another mixte.hopefully a bright green peugeot that i can add some honjo fenders to.

My bike looks like this, but it needs some work. I love my mixte!

I love my mixte!

awesome mixte rebuild

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Very nice and lightweight lady bike from Peugeot, from late or start of Nervar support and crank, Mafac brakes, amazing geometry of the frame. Old French scool of bike making is my favourite :)

: Foto

: Foto

PEUGEOT PL18M Mixte Record De Monde

PEUGEOT PL18M Mixte Record De Monde Mafac Simplex Normady Size: 52 cm

PEUGEOT PL18M Mixte Record De Monde