What?! I love life hacks

How to save lots of money on small batteries

From shoe box to organizer

Clever Shoebox Upcycle via DIY and Craft Tutorials By cutting two parallel triangles in a shoe box.need this and several more for craft room

Paint your keys with nail polish to easily distinguish the sets. | 27 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know About

27 Life Hacks-Tips Every Girl Should Know About.TIP Paint your keys with nail polish to easily distinguish the sets.

Cutting board + Scrabble tile holder = perfect kitchen iPad stand. | The 52 Easiest And Quickest DIY Projects Of All Time

How to make your own Kitchen Tablet Holder. Love this DIY idea! So much less expensive than the Pottery Barn one. Thrift shop cutting board, Scrabble tile holder and child's wooden building block!

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10 Useful Paperclip Hacks for Life's Little Emergencies 12 - https://www.facebook.com/different.solutions.page

13 Thirty-Minute Workouts To Break A Sweat

Bind books with a hole punch, rubber band, and paper clip. Idk when I will be binding books but a handy idea

Ribbon storage -- THIS would work brilliantly!

appleinmyheart: “ Another Ribbon Organizer Idea For You! If you often use ribbons for your DIY projects then you probably have a lot of ribbons in your stock. A ribbon organizer is what you need then.

Life Hack

48 Ways To Make Your Life A Million Times Better

FUNNIEST THING EVER: foolproof anti-theft device = maxi pad wrapper! "Ladies: a wallet that will never be stolen from your purse or How to hide money from the man and kids in your life. This is so funny!

Use a banana to fix a DVD, mayonnaise to remove water stains from wood surfaces, and 33 other tips

35 Lifechanging Ways To Use Everyday Objects - Use a banana to fix a DVD, use mayo to erase water stains from wooden furniture and 33 other tricks and tips.