Polyhedra Ornaments DIY

DIY Geometric Paper Ornaments - Set of 8 Paper Polyhedra Templates - Classic Palette by Field Guide Design

Store Display / Anthropologie = It would be so much fun to hang paper flowers like this with yarn

Mannequin with scarfs spring window. I found a pretty shade of green clothesline at the dollar tree. so a few dollars for the line and paper flowers. what a cheap and beautiful idea for décor.

watches1.jpg 500 × 692 pixlar

This idea is perfect for a dynamic display of small jewelry items with a very modern feel. They could even transport inside of one another. Large triangles on the back wall of your booth could continue with modern motif.

Great back to school display!school

Fun props for Back to School themed display. Use of height, composition and line to lead the eye.

Icing tip as ring display - so sweeeeeet!  jewelry display  Gift Shop Magazine  | http://awesomewomensjewelry.blogspot.com

Instead of hiding rings away in a drawer, stack them on icing tips purchased from a bakery-supply store. Put these next to the kitchen sink - secured with reusable plastic adhesive to keep them steady - to safeguard rings when washing, too.

crate tree

While this pyramid shape of goods and lighting might remind you of Christmas. its an idea to tuck away for shop windows year round. (Its the top, askew box which makes the whole display SING!

Schaufensterdekoration Schmuck mit Nüssen - mal was anderes

Schaufensterdekoration Schmuck mit Nüssen - mal was anderes