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That's 380V right there

There are lots of reasons safety laws exist and every person on this list is one of them. Every single one of the things happening in these unsafe photos is an acci.

VERI GENI DELLA SICUREZZA SUL LAVORO. 53 IMMAGINI DIVERTENTI, MA VERE, DI GENTE CHE STA RISCHIANDO UN PO TROPPO. #sicurezza #lavoro #ridere #umorismo #fail #wtf #safety #cazzate #genio

Break out the orange cones, we've got some safety experts here. Don't worry guys, I'm fairly certain everyone in these photos knows exactly . View People Who Are Future Darwin Award Winners" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

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I pray it's unplugged!

Loading a nail gun ( NAILed it ! EYE never SAW that coming ( as the nun who pulled the priests dick said !