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Street Artist Luis Seven Martins aka L7m kreiert mit seinen "Magic Birds" eine nahezu perfekte Symbiose von urbaner Eleganz und Street Roughness.

Figures of Birds Emerge from a Kinetic Flurry of Spray Paint by Brazilian artist (previously) depicts owls, ducks, sparrows, and other birds materializing from a chaotic swirl of dripped paint.

© Blende, Christian Egner, Abendliches Wetterschauspiel

© Blende, Christian Egner, Abendliches Wetterschauspiel I love how this photo focuses straight down the street and the reflection of the street on the water is beautiful. The photo gives a kind of rustic feel to the city.

via weissesrauschen | http://ift.tt/2bRlqLZ

Between street art and irony, here are the latest creations of the street artist MOBSTR, based in London, who continues to spread on the walls his twisted and

Bryce – Resistor... visit dopewriter.com to buy personal graffiti via paypal

Bryce Chisholm, *abcartattack on deviantART, is a mixed-media stencil artist. His intricate paintings are filled with vibrant colors and pop influences. While exploring the history and unknown parts.

Low Poly Environment Pack for all of you that want to make low poly style environments easily. All models are coloured by vertex color techniques, so no textures and only a few materials are needed. Different environments: Dessert, forest, winter, autumn.

Environment Grants provides a collection of resources on supporting healthy community environments.