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Interested in buying a canister vacuum? See the best and worst of the best-sellers here. Compare price, features and durability.

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Miele S2121 Capri Canister Vacuum Review: On the lower priced end for these best-selling German vacuum cleaners, the S2121 Capri still does a great job on bare floors and low-pile carpet.

Miele S2121 Capri Canister Review - Better Than Dyson? -

Upright vacuums have been the first choice of most homeowners for many years due to their design (you don’t have to bend over to use one) and how easy they are to store, but canister vacuums are becoming more and more popular for many reasons as the designs improve. The Miele S2121 Capri and the […]

Miele S8590 Alize Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review: A mid-priced bagged option from Miele, it has the same powerful motor as many more expensive vacuums.

Miele Alize S8590 Canister Review - Too Expensive? -

In the arena of best-selling canister vacuums, the Miele brand ranks right at the top, and it’s definitely number one for bagged canister vacs. With a high price tag, every model in this line is built to last. With several models to choose from, it’s really only a matter of which features suit you best. […]

Miele S8990 UniQ Canister Vacuum Review: Pricey but with good quality, the bagged S8990 UniQ has many pricey features as well.

Miele S8990 UniQ Canister Vacuum Review - Quality vs Price? -

The Miele S8990 UniQ canister vacuum cleaner goes a step beyond other models from this popular brand like the Alize and Capri in both form and function. While it has the same powerful 1200 watt low-noise motor, it has some extra features that make it great for all types of flooring and carpet. Table of […]

Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Review: Built like the DC39 Animal but not specialized for pets, this vacuum is great for bare floors to carpet.

Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Review – Is it Worth the Price Tag? -

Dyson DC39 Multi Floor is one of the most popular and best rated vacuum cleaners. This one is quite different from DC39 Animal, but when it comes to basic vacuum cleaning, these two are almost the same, i.e. they have comparable capacity and motor as well as reach. However, the Dyson DC39 Multi Floor canister vacuum […]

Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum Review: Larger than the DC47 Animal, this DC39 leaves more room for pet hair.

Dyson DC39 Animal Review – How Well Does it Perform? -

The Dyson DC39 Animal is one of the latest cylinder vacuums from Dyson that utilizes the patented ball technology of the company. First released in 2005, this ball technology houses the unit’s core components. Its surface is smooth to reduce friction while being used and so the components don’t get in your way. It also […]

Dyson DC47 Animal Canister Vacuum Review: The smallest of the canister vacuums, this one seems to have no trouble with pet hair.

Dyson DC47 Review – How Does this “Animal” Perform? -

Many long-time Dyson users love their full size upright and even larger canister vacuums but have wondered why this flagship company hasn’t made a nice small version for quick cleanups or for those who live in much smaller homes or apartments with limited area to clean and limited storage. Enter the Dyson DC47. Table of […]

Find out what the differences are in the most popular bagless Dyson canister vacuum cleaners.

Dyson Canister Vacuum Reviews - Top 3 Models -

Dyson Vacuum cleaner is one of the top brand in worl. We reasearh, select & share top 3 Dyson Canister Vacuum Reviews for you.

Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review: For well under $100, the Bissell Zing isn't too bad.

Bissell Zing Bagless vs Bagged Canister Vacuum Review -

If you’re looking for a small, convenient bagless canister vacuum at a very affordable price, the Bissell Zing may be a good choice for you. It’s designed to be multi-surface, so it can go from carpet to hardwood floors or linoleum and back again by just flipping a switch. Table of ContentsBest Loved FeaturesDaily UseBagged […]