Crazes That Passed Me By.... COMPLETELY !

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J K Rowling & Harry Pothead

Aaaaaannd this is why I love j Rowling. She was the worlds first author to become a billionaire but lost the billionaire status cuz she donated so much to charity. Faith in humanity restored.

Donny Osmond

Today in Music History : September 1971 Many performers record that one memorable hit song placing their names on the list of one-hit .



High School Musical... 1, 2, 3.... Ad Infinitum

High School Musical ↓ Get'cha Head in the Game Lyrics ↓ ------------------------------------- Coach said to fake right Break left Watch out for the pick And .

Tom Jones

i LOVE all things tom jones. maybe this is why i love furry chests.

Modern Talking.... Sounded Like Girls.... & LOOKED Quite A Lot Like Girls Too.....

those tracksuits are da Bomb!) I'm a girl so i listened to Modern Talking.and I liked it! (Little shame this time)

Whitney Houston... Except In The Very Beginning... It All Became Boring Boring BORING !

New reports claim that Beverly Hills detectives did recover cocaine from Whitney Houston's hotel room after her death.

Oprah Winfrey

True spiritual leader and inspirator to mankind!

Justin Bieber... Really ? REALLY ?!?!?!?

if you are a believer I invite you to see the movie believer: never say never dedicated to all the fans of justin beiber

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Divorce Quotes False, Actor Did Not Speak About Personal Life, Says Rep